Cost of a Flat Roof for a House

To have a distinctly modern city style, flat roofs have become Calgary elite roofing over the years because of its fast installation and maintenance than the common slope roofs. Technically, flat roofs are not that flat; they have at least a little slope, usually 1/8 inch angle for the water to drain. Usually, most homeowners with flat roofs use it as deck areas if space accurately seals and maintains. It is either you want to replace your recent roofs or thinking to have this roof for your new home. There are important points you need to understand, as the type of flat roofs. As well as, the cost of installing a flat roof, and its maintenance.

Single-ply Membrane

This kind of flat roof is mostly famous. This is made of PVC, other plastic, or rubber, like EMPD (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer), and fast and quick to install. With the use of heat, it will expand across the roof and stick with the use of a solvent adhesive to the roof. This kind of flat roof lasts up to 40 years, normally it holds great to rainfall and other components. This price ranges between $ 200 to $700 a square normally.

Modified Bitumen

This is built up of sheets which compose of layers that include bitumen or tar. They are heated with a torch if rolled out on the roof, that attaches to them in a single step. There are lots of joints with this kind of roof, however, they are easy to install once installed they are durable. But they only last for 10 to 15 years, that is why they are not commonly used. The normal range cost of this from $200 to $500 a square.

Built-up Roof

This kind of roof is piled up with multiple layers with bitumen in between and a final reflective coating. Usually covered with rocks or small stone which is mostly seen in commercial buildings. This lifespan lasts for 10 to 12 years and needs more time to install. The price ranges between $200 to $700 a square.

Metal Roofs

This is a corrugated tin roof that is usually used on flat buildings due to its durability and long-lasting. It is a little noisy and it gets rust when getting older which lasts ten years if properly maintained. Also, it needs a range of roofing jobs Calgary costs depending on the type of metal they use. With a price that ranges between $300 to $1,500 a square.


In these modern-day roofing designs, Calgary Flat Roofing becomes popular and in-demand not only in commercial but also in residential areas. Though there are some disadvantages to this kind of roofing with proper maintenance it will achieve its lifespan or more than.

Finding the right flat roofing for your home is not that easy to decide especially if we don’t have any idea about it. It is better to look and search for a professional Calgary roofing company with a good reputation and more years of experience.

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