Flat Roof or Sloped Roof

On choosing the new design of the roof for your commercial building, there are some various things to take into consideration. The two kinds of the roof are slope and flat both have their benefits for the owners. We want to ensure you think of each roofing type before you decide what you want. Calgary Flat Roofing provides you to choose what kind of roof is best for your business. In this article, we want to deliver to you a comparison of the sloped roof and a flat roof that will aid you to decide which components are most essential to you in a new roof.

Interior Space in Your Building

If you are arguing about whether to install a flat roof or sloped roof, an essential thing to view is space below the roof inside your building. Can you use the interior space to the measure with the extra space just under your roof? If yes, then the flat roof will provide you space, this will allow you for extra storage room to pile up your supplies. Higher shelves or whatever you want for an extra space that you cannot have with the sloping roof. If you desire to adopt all the vertical space in your building to its full range, you go to the flat roof then.

The Roof size

We all know that the commercial roofing Calgary is nearly wide and large. If you choose a sloped roof for your building, the roof can be either a tall hill or a series of valleys. Meaning with a small building it is better to have a sloping roof while the large building most prefers to have a flat roof.

The Cost of each roof- Comparison

About the cost, the flat roof is more expensive than the sloped counterparts. For a flat roof, it contains many steps, and they normally need insulation to be installed. If you want a durable cost-effective roof for your building, a sloped roof is much likely the best choice. If you want to consume an additional cost for a roof that establishes the components and gives extra space under the roof, then a flat roof is the best choice.

The longevity of Roof

The number of years of a sloped roof is commonly longer than the flat roof. One cause for this is the vast number of materials that need to be used for sloped roofing, which includes shingles, concrete, and wood shingles. Also, the sloped roof’s endurance is that the raised slant makes the roof stand up greater against water, ice, and snow. That will instantly shed off of the roof, matched with the less slant of flat roofs.


Though sloped roofs are better cost-effective and can last longer than flat roofs. Flat roofs perform intensely well with the solar panel because it needs direct sunlight compared with a sloped roof. Hence, flat roofs add themselves greater to place air conditioners together with bigger appliances needed for the business. To store the appliances on the roof instead of inside the building makes the inside of the building spacious and quiet.


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